Things I wish someone had told me BEFORE I started…..

When I first started reborning in March 2021, I had NO idea what I was getting into. There were so many things I wish someone had told me. So many things I THOUGHT I knew that…well, let’s just say If I knew as much as I THOUGHT I knew, I’d have been better off. IContinue reading “Things I wish someone had told me BEFORE I started…..”


Dannie goes to the Fair!

Well, this year has been momentous! I stepped up and entered one of my Reborn Babies in the District fair. It wasn’t because I was trying to get business, it was actually for my own mental health. I always think that my babies are just not that good…..so this year I decided to enter oneContinue reading “Dannie goes to the Fair!”

Branding 101 Reborn Nursery

Ok, well this is a new experiement, we’ll see how it goes. This blog is supported by the facebook group Reborn Nursery Branding 101, a place for people to go to learn how to create and develop their personal brand to sell their reborn baby dolls. “The term brand refers to a business and marketing concept thatContinue reading “Branding 101 Reborn Nursery”

Newbies Need Newbies…

I LOVE all the support and help that the experience artists offer newbies in this Reborning community. I have had SO much help from so many people I couldn’t begin to name them all. ANd not just feedback and constructive criticism…but actually giving advice and showing step by step how to’s. So many “BNA”s (BigContinue reading “Newbies Need Newbies…”

Selling a Baby

I sold my second doll of my career yesterday. When I created my sixth doll, Cass, I knew he was the best one I’d ever created. He was on the Bountiful Baby Realborn Blake Awake mold and I painted him with powders and air dry paints. I used everything Aurora (my mentor) has taught meContinue reading “Selling a Baby”