Reborn Baby Wynter Reborned by Marta Towne of Wolfsong Nursery and sculpted by Marita Winters

Wynter is reborned by Marta Towne of Wolfsong Nursery and is a sculpt by Marita Winters. Born September 19, 2022 11:07a.m. 18″ long, weighs 4lbs 1.8oz. This baby’s kit arrived partially reborned, but with marks and damage no the limbs. But the head and face had a beautiful skin tone and penciled in started hair. I chose to leave head alone and strip the limbs, repainting them to match the head. Then, once the limbs were done, I went back to the head and added the things that give the baby depth and realism. Undertones, veins, shadows and shading, blushing, etc. I also worked on the lips and ears as well as the philtrum (that little dip between nose and lip) and lips. Then it was time to “flesh out” the hair. I took several shades of Prism Pencil adn added colors, shading and highlights making the hair really pop and look 3D. Once the hair was done, I added two magnets, one up on the side of her head (for a magnetic hair accessory) and one behind her lips for a magnetic pacifier (included). Then comes the fun part. I put her together, using silicone pads to make the bottom and tummy feel more real and used 2 different types of polyfill and high quality #3 glass beads .75-1mm in a microfiber bags; one in the body, one in the head for weight…make sure to support her little head, just like a real newborn. And once her heart was added, she was finished ! Now there are a couple of places I’ve found some flaws that I believe are in the vinyl. Due to those (ask for photos or go to her page) I’m selling her as a BooBoo baby.

Purchasing Reborn Baby Wynter PPD to Continental USA with Small Box Opening


What makes her a boo boo baby?