CASS IS SOLD!!! He is on his way to his new mommy!

Cass’ new mommy, Jenny, had a lot to say about her new little one and she gave me permission to share it with all my followers!

When I saw that he had been delivered, I emailed and asked if he had arrived and if everything was ok. We had discussed her doing a video box opening, but she was just too excited,

“Yes, he did! I am so sorry, I forgot to video tape it it for you. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! He is absolutely perfect!. I love him so much. Thank you so very much! Oh,and his hat is adorable. If you ever make anymore hats I will gladly buy them.” JD (Ebay 9/19/21)

Cass and his little hat too!

The next day I received another email from Mamma Jennifer

“Cass spent the night in mommy’s and daddy’s bed. Then we spent the whole day shopping for him. I am still in awe of how perfect he is! Everyone in town knows about my reborn babies
They pronounced him as perfect as Gracie ( liberty doll b y laura lee eagles) and as beautiful as my triplet s atticus.we are both worn out.so off to sleep we go. I will try to send pics next time. Thank you,so much! God bless you! Jenny and cass” (Ebay Messages 9/19/21)

And then Mamma Jenny left feedback…..

Thank you Mama Jenny! I hope you and Cass have a long and loving life together!

This is NOT a child’s toy, it is a work of art and not meant for rough play. Gently handling is necessary to preserve the integrity of the doll. Also, this is ART, what I consider beautiful, you might not. This doll is far from perfect, there are things you might not like on it. This is my sixth doll, so I am far from an expert.

PLEASE, before you purchase, ask for any pictures you wish to see, close ups of hair, blushing, skin tone, creases, nails…I will be glad to send you any additional pictures you like. Ask questions….I encourage and welcome any questions. This doll is NOT gender specific and can be whatever gender the new mama chooses.

These photos were taken in daytime in natural light and have had no filters added. I have a no return policy, so please make sure you will be happy with this baby before you make a purchase. Cass will come with two outfits from the photo shoot, a lovey, pacifier with pacifier strap, hospital bracelet, birth certificate, Certificate of Authenticity from Bountiful Baby and a small box opening. Please contact me for purchasing information.


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