Selling a Baby

I sold my second doll of my career yesterday. When I created my sixth doll, Cass, I knew he was the best one I’d ever created. He was on the Bountiful Baby Realborn Blake Awake mold and I painted him with powders and air dry paints. I used everything Aurora (my mentor) has taught me and combined it with things I’ve picked up from Sue-Ellen Taormina (her Patreon is SO worth the $10 a month) and the few things I’d found that worked for me and when he was finished, I was thrilled. I listed him on Facebook, Etsy and Ebay and sat back to wait. He was “born” September 9th an he sold Tuesday, September 14. He is, as I write this, on his way to his new mama via the USPS Priority Mail system and I a SO nervous…what if she doesn’t like him? What if she thinks my work sucks??? I now, I need to NOT think like that…I did the same thing when I sold Quinn and I was on edge until I got the email that Quinn’s mama LOVED her.


So…I AM an artist. An artist who is paid for her work. I am excited, proud, worried: I think I’ve got this….now if I can get the other two done soon and sell them…. Always working on the next one.


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