This baby began as the Bountiful Baby Nevaeh kit and developed after weeks of work and a sneak peek of tons of Bowen Baby and Grandbaby Pictures (Thank you APRIL JETT!!!!!) into a composite representative of Nancy Bowen’s Family. Nancy is the most amazing woman, who is kind, gentle, wise and wonderful and is my son in law’s mother. She’s always collected dolls and has been so supportive of my work that I wanted desperately for her to have one….and I honestly think Bowen is one of my best works.

Weighted lightly (3lbs 6.3oz) with #3Glass Beads, and filled with polyfill to give the baby a wonderful, newborn “Floppy” feel, and a combi hair design (thanks to DEANNA BOWEN for her hair cutting ability), I honestly think Bowen is a great representation of Nancy’s Kids and Grandkids. Bowen is even going to his new mommy in the clothes and hat that APRIL JETT (Nancy’s granddaughter) was dressed in at her birth.

So….welcome to life little Bowen baby……..

These are work in progress photos of little Bowen……


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