Wolfsong Nursery

Marta Towne


Welcome to my nursery! Take a look around and see all the beautiful babies that have graced my home. I am an artist and my speciality lies with Reborn Baby Dolls . However, I am also a Graphic Artist and Business Branding Administrator helping others develop a brand for their business including Social Media Management and Logo Creation.

Feel free to look around at everything! My blog has post on everything from What you need to get started reborning, to how to decide how much to list your doll for…. Everything is accessible from the drop down menu up above! Check out all the babies I’ve made, each with their own Portfolio…Babies for Sale… Sit back and take a look around.

Reborn Babies, also called Therapy Babies are created by an artist and are not toy made for children. Reborns are also called Art Dolls are painted and weighted to be as ultra-realistic as possible. Highly collectible, these dolls are also used for individuals with Dementia or Alzheimers as well as people who have lost a child or suffered fertility issues. People who suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, or who are needing Reparenting because of abuse or neglect as a child can also benefit from these dolls. Holding a baby, even a “fake baby” causes the body to release endorphins (aka Feel Good hormones) . As one of my mommies said to me once, “It’s hard to fly off the handle and hit some idiot when you’re holding a baby”.

Of course, a great many people simply collect Reborns, even if they do use them as therapy dolls. Reborns are very highly colelctible because they are hand painted and weighted making every single reborn, even if they use the same “kit” is going to be unique and amazing! If you want an idea of how a reborn is made, go to the top of the page and click on Newbie to Newbie, then on “My Process”, you can read step by step how I paint my babies.

If you’re interested in becoming a Reborn Artist, check out my blog Newbie to Newbie for blog on what you need to get started, how I paint my dolls and even a suggestion on how to figure out how much to charge for your babies.


To see babies we have available go to our Babies For Sale Page. Or visit our Etsy stores in the links below.



  1. Lacesha says:

    Cute babies


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