Rhys was “born” July 4, 2021 at 4:46p.m.
Rhys weighs 5lbs 4.7oz

This is Bountiful Baby Realborn Steven Asleep reborned by Marta Towne of Wolfsong Nursery. Painted with multiple layers of Genesis heat set paints and hand rooted with two types of quality Mohair (straight and curly) Rhys is a joy to see and even more of a joy to hold. Rhys has a soft clothe body filled with two different types of poly-fill and weighted with glass beads for that real baby flop. Rhys’ body is slightly less floppy than twin Reese, just as the larger of a set of twins is in reality; Rhys still flops and nestles in your arms like a real baby and supporting the head is necessary. Rhys’ head, arms and legs are vinyl. Rhys has a magnet behind the lips so a magnetic pacifier can be used.

This is NOT a child’s toy, it is a work of art and not meant for rough play. Gently handling is necessary to preserve the integrity of the doll. Also, this is ART, what I consider beautiful, you might not. This doll is far from perfect, there are things you might not like on it. This is my fourth doll, so I am far from an expert.

PLEASE, before you purchase, ask for any pictures you wish to see, close ups of hair, blushing, skin tone, creases, nails…I will be glad to send you any additional pictures you like. Ask questions….I encourage and welcome any questions. This doll is NOT gender specific and can be whatever gender the new mama chooses; I have included a photograph of this doll in both girl and boy clothes to help you imagine both genders.

These photos were taken in daytime in natural light and have had no filters added. I have a no return policy, so please make sure you will be happy with this baby before you make a purchase. Reese will come with two outfits, a lovey, pacifier with pacifier strap, hospital bracelet, birth certificate, Certificate of Authenticity from Bountiful Baby and a small box opening.

PLEASE NOTE: Items shown in photos are MOSTLY PROPS.  If you want something from the photos included, please ask and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate your request. 

©2021 Wolfsong Reborn Nursery can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy

Rhys Photoshoot

In Progress Photos



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