Personal Babies

These babies are my personal babies, not made by myself, but are beloved to me and will never, ever leave.

Kayden is a Berenguer Baby Doll reborned by the incredible LYNN KATSARIS of Pumpkin Patch Babies in 2001! Yes, you read that correctly, 2001! I received him in December 2001 for Xmas. One of my best friends, a woman who often was there for me when no one else was, knew how much I suffered from teh loss of my son in 1992 and how much I loved Reborns for their artistic quality and how holding one would help me. Give me a “baby shaped object” to love and cuddle. That is when we started looking on Ebay for a reborn and Kayden was discovered!

In December of 2020, I got in contact with Lynn and showed her my Kayden after all the years and it was a walk down memory lane. She told me how she had been very new to reborning and how she had rooted him with a broken sewing needle! I told her how much eh meant to me and she offered to re-fresh him for me at no charge. After 20 years, Kayden was in desperate need of a refresh! Daily loving had worn him a bit. The main photo is one of Lynn’s photos from AFTER his refresh…..this is how he looked after 20 years of daily loving…..

Kayden, August 2020
Kayden December 2020

So after all those years, he was a bit worse for wear. I had originally contacted Lynn just to make sure if was ok if I re-did him a bit…just a new body, mostly, since he had seams coming undone. But she so graciously offered to re-do him and I sent him off to her the last part of December 2020. And in January, toward the end of the month, she sent me these glorious photos!

Lynn did far more than just give him a new body. She re-weighted him, matte varnished him to remove his shine….and most incredibly, she removed his old hair and re-rooted him with this super, super soft mohair.

Now my little boy is ready for ANOTHER 20 years of daily loving…and Lynn’s artistic talent and human kindness inspired me to begin reborning myself….And I promise, if you buy one of Wolfsong Nursery babies, if you want them re-done in 20 years, I’m game!

Londyn Painted by Squishy Piggies of Etsy

Yes, Londyn is an Ivita. Before you decide to go tattle on me and try to destroy me, would you at least listen to where she came from? My mom has alzheimers, 2 years ago (2020) it was in the earlier stages where she was starting to lose parts of herself slowly…..worse at night (Sundowners), and it seemed that mostly her common sense had been compromised….but she still paid her bills and handled her food shopping, et. Christmas, 2020 my mom had been listening to me talk about how I’d love to have a full body silicone, but they were so expensive. At the time I was not NEW to the Reborn community, but I hadn’t really been involved with it much. I’d had a reborn for 20 years, but other than occassionally looking at babies and wanting to paint, I hadn’t paid much attention. I was JUST getting ready to begin reborning vinyl kits, was researching, etc. But I hadn’t come accross the “fake babies” yet, so I hadn’t talked to my mom about it.

So mom decided to do something super nice for me….she wanted to buy me a baby…but she didn’t want to tell mem, so she went on Etsy where she’d heard that people sold handmade items . She had NO idea about “stolen sculpts”, she talked to an “artist” who told her she was a painter who got the sculpts from the artists Of course my mom, trying to go something super nice for me, found one of her babies and the deal was made. The long and short of it is, my mom got SCREWED. She used Klarma to pay NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a full body silicone that was supposed to be hand painted and hand cast. Not only did she get me a baby that if seen by certain others in this community could get me “blackballed”, but she got a doll that was painted SO badly she began to streak and have paint just peeling off almost immediately.

But you know what? I LOVE LONDYN. She’ll never go anywhere…my mom is now a LOT worse and no long has any real capacity to search for, find and purchase something for me. So this doll is the last thing my mother will probably ever buy me of her own choosing and actions. And while her paint is horrible, her rooting is worse, and she paid over 3 times what this baby is worth, I’ll never part with it her. This baby is as precious to me in her own way as Kayden is. DO I wish my mom hadn’t been taken advantage of? YES. Do I wish I had something to show off for the $900 mom spent? Yes….YES! But my mom found Londyn, Chose Londyn and arranged for Londyn to come to me. So Londyn isn’t going anywhere….NO, I won’t “throw that toxic s**t” away. Because she is precious to me…. Besides, if people are SO convinced she (and other “stolen sculpts” or “fake dolls”) are toxic, WHY would you want to put them in the landfills to poison the earth? Why not just encourage the people who have them to keep them????

But anyway, here are some photos of Londyn……feel free to leave now that you’ve read my story. And I hope you don’t try to attack me over it, because frankly, while I’ll understand the animosity, this baby is precious to me not because of where she came from, but of how she came to me!


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