Dannie goes to the Fair!

Well, this year has been momentous! I stepped up and entered one of my Reborn Babies in the District fair. It wasn’t because I was trying to get business, it was actually for my own mental health. I always think that my babies are just not that good…..so this year I decided to enter one of the babies, Dannie (Dream by Elizabeth Townsley LE of 200). My daughter was wonderful enough to make her outfit, a beautiful red and pink dress, diaper cover, headband and sandles! Taking her to the fair last Sunday was nerve wracking…..I was sure no one would like her. Well, I was wrong.

So…yesterday was the day things were judged. I went by today just to see if Dannie got a mention or anything. And because my adult daughter, Deanna, also entered a blanket she made and an octopus stuffie she made! We got there and her blanket was the first thing we saw….now bear in mind, she’s only been crocheting for about 6 months…….she got PREMIUM SECOND PLACE ribbon! And her Octopus, Octavia? FIRST PREMIUM! I was so jazzed. She’s never entered anything in any contest like this ….ever. Not even when she was in school.

Oh, and Dannie? SHE GOT A FIRST PREMIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think there is some financial reward for the premium (there are signs all over that if you pick up your entry early, you forfeit your “premium check”. I have NO idea what, if anything, Dannie earned for her First Premium……I pick her up Sunday, so I guess we’ll see! But either way, DANNIE WON FIRST PREMIUM!!!!!!!!!



  1. jkl says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Marta and to your daughter too.


    1. THank you! I’m so proud of my daughter! She’s so talented .


  2. Debbie says:

    Big congratulations on these wins!


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