Getting Started in Reborning….

Since I’ve only started reborning in March 2021, I wasn’t sure I was knowledgeable enough to write this post. But then I decided, hey…everything is fresh…including my mistakes.

No description available.
My Genesis brushes
No description available.
High Density Cosmetic Wedge from Walgreens.
Mid (left) and Low (right) density Cosmetic Wedges
Open Photo
Mop Brushes
Kabuki Brush by Ultimate Fusion
Kabuki Brush
My sponges
Nail Art Brushes
Makeup Brushes ZHIYE Make up Brush Set 21 PCs Professional Face Eyeliner for Foundation Blush Concealer Eyeshadow with Travel
Make Up Brushes

You’ll need something to dry your limbs and head on. A piece of 2×4 with some wooden dowels attached will work fine; but you can also get a Bottle Drying rack from any store, including Amazon… Just make sure it’s sturdy. I got a smallish one when I first started (and I still use it) but I wish I’d bought the large one!

Bottle/Baby Drying Rack
No description available.
My palettes, left to right, three section crystal serving platter for Hors d’oeuvres, glass candle holder, ashtray, ramakin.

Little air tight glass jars that you can get at any hobby shop for miniature or model paints work well for excess paint. Though not 100% needed, they are nice to avoid wasting paint.

No description available.
Small glass, air tight bottles for extra paint
Open Photo
Small bottle with Odorless Thinner and measuring spoons,
NuWave Oven Pro Plus with Stainless Steel Extender Ring
NuWave Halogen Oven
Image 1 - Flavorwave Deluxe Oven (never used) convection oven Model HO1200
FlavorWave Halogen Oven
Rosewell Halogen ovens

UPDATE: After 9 months of reborning, I’ve found that using the PRIMARY METHOD (Blue, Red and Yellow) makes a LOT of sense….and using ANY of teh flesh colors (Flesh 07, Flesh 01, etc) can make your baby look CHALKY due to the white paint in the Flesh Colors. I no long recommend using Flesh Color, but other colors used in the mottling process can really give you a beautiful look



  1. Paula-Ann Weston says:

    Well done and well said. I do hope though your enjoying this new hobby after all that was said and done. I’m just starting out and the suggestions you mentioned here I had done. So I feel ok i wasn’t cheating too much when I went elsewhere for same type of supplies needed but at other places. So great job


  2. Ann Keeton says:

    Thank You So Much! You have been a tremendous help and I Appreciate ALL of the help I can get.


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