Edit: Sandy has been donated to an organization called 3 Wishes for Ruby that will be taking her an elderly woman with empty arms who needs a baby to love.

This is the Bountiful Baby Limited Edition 2021 ROSE Kit of the year Sandy reborned by Marta Towne of Wolfsong Reborn Nursery. Sandy is created on a second’s kit ad is being sold as a Boo Boo baby. I have been reborning since March and this is my ninth baby, so I have a lot to learn, but Sandy is a precious baby made with a lot of love and attention to detail. Sandy has been reborned using Miracle Blend Air Dry Paint and Coastal Scents powders and is weighted with glass beads and filled with two types of polyfill. The head and all four limbs are attached using rings to allow a wide variety of poses.. Sandy has acrylic blue eyes from Bountiful Baby and lovely, hand rooted long lashes. Sandy has a magnet behind the lips for a magnetic pacifier as well as one on the inside of the head for a magnetic hair decoration (enclosed if selected as a girl) . Sandy’s head must be supported, just like a real baby. Sandy has a scratch on one little arm and elbow from too sharp baby nails, but has had a manicure now.

Sandy does have some places that the pain didn’t adhere correctly, almost like Vitiligo, a condition where skin pigments aren’t always the same so a person might have patches of lighter color on their skin. Please ask for photos of anything you want to see close up or go to my website to find the page with all her photos.

Sandy needs to be loved, faults and all….will you be that person to love Sandy forever?

Sandy will go to a new family with a birth certificate, care sheet, hospital bracelet, 2 outfits, lovey, pacifier clip and magnetic pacifier. Sandy also comes with a small box opening.

PLEASE NOTE: Items shown in photos are MOSTLY PROPS.  If you want something from the photos included, please ask and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate your request. 


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