Born October 6, 2021 at 1:18 pm Weighing 4 pounds 4.5 ounces


Now known as Sophie Anne, this little girl arrived in her new mommy’s arms March 4, 2022. Maggie L., little Sophie’s mommy, was kined enough to do a box opening video that you can find from our Facebook Page.

This is NOT a child’s toy, it is a work of art and not meant for rough play.  Gently handling is necessary to preserve the integrity of the doll.  Also, this is ART, what I consider beautiful, you might not.  This doll is far from perfect, there are things you might not like on it.  I have been reborning since March, and I am FAR from an expert, But I am incredibly proud of River and I believe it is an beautiful piece of art.  If this isn’t your idea of a wonderful baby, please keep looking; you deserve to have your dream baby.

PLEASE, before you purchase, ask for any pictures you wish to see, close ups on blushing, skin tone, creases, nails…I will be glad to send you any additional pictures you like. Ask questions….  I encourage and welcome any questions.  This doll is NOT gender specific and can be whatever gender his new mama chooses; Because these are pieces of art, we have a no return, no refund rule on Reborns.  PLEASE be sure this is the baby for you.  If you want to see something specific, please ask.  I’m more than happy to show you any part of the doll you wish to see and answer any questions you have. 

These photos were taken in daytime in natural light and  have had no filters added. River will come with two outfits, a lovey, magnetic pacifier with pacifier strap, hospital bracelet, birth certificate, Care sheet and a small box opening. 

PLEASE NOTE: Items shown in photos are MOSTLY PROPS.  If you want something from the photos included, please ask and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate your request. 

Click PURCHASE below to take you to my site where you can purchase River. If you prefer a Pay Pal Invoice, please contact me.