Lori Lee

SOLD! Welcome to the Wolfsong Nursery family

Bountiful Baby Cookie 9 months

This is Bountiful Baby Cookie 9 Month painted in multiple translucent layers of Primary color (and one layer of Flesh to finish her off) using Miracle Blend Air Dry Paint and Pan Pastel powders. I made this baby for myself, but my dream kit has come available once more, so I’m offering her for sale. Because she is only my 5th baby I consider her a boo boo baby. She is hand rooted over prisma pencil hair in a beautiful shade of red, and she has gorgeous acrylic eyes. She just looks so happy! Lori Lee is a 3/4 limb on a soft clothe body. THIS BABY IS HEAVY! She weighs FOURTEEN (14) POUNDS!!!!! She will go home with several outfits, her lovey and binkie and a small box opening.

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