Easter Sunday is all about new beginnings. It’s not just about eggs and bunnies and flowers; it’s about birth, and RE-birth. Frankie was born Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 @12:10pm weighing4lbs2.7oz. From his rooted reddish brown mohair to his tiny toes, Frankie has many high end additions that make him a steal at this price! He has gorgeous brown acrylic eyes, and is hand painted with many many layers of super transparent. There are layers of washes, texture and mottling that give his “skin” a depth like a rea baby. Don’t forget to support his little head! He has pads of silicone in his tummy and bottom to simulate the feel of a real baby’s fat, and I’ve used two types of polyfill, super soft and regular along with high quality #3 glass beads (no smaller than .75mm and no bigger than 1MM. Frankie just melts into your arms. Frankie does have a magnet behind his lips for a magnetic pacifier and on the top/side inside so if you want a girl Frankie, she can wear magnet hair accessories. If you don’t want magnets for whatever reason I will remove them prior to the baby going into her “travel bassinette (Priority Mail Box) to go home. I am still a beginning artists, so my dolls are not perfect. Because of that, I consider my babies to be Boo Boo Babies….. But while they may not be perfect, they going to be perfect for someone. NOTE: I painted a Chest/Belly plate wtih this doll. On the last varnish bake the inside of the plate cracked. While the painted side was mostly undamaged, the inside was badly cracked. I have used Vinyl Putty to fix the cracks. However, I can’t in good conscious sell the plate even repaired. However, if you purchase Frankie and want the belly plate I will include for no charge. Pictures of the belly/chest plate on Frankie are at the bottom of the gallery.