Eli is so sweetly asleep, purely tuckered out from all the birthing she did. It’s been a long journey, but now he’s here and she needs a mommy and or daddy to him. Eli is reborned with Genesis Heat set paints, Coastal Scents and Pan Pastel Powders and has nails done with Miracle Blend Air Dry Paint.

Eli has the sweetest little silicone and poly-fill tummy and her little squishy bottom is more siilcone pieces, His tiny little body is gently weighted with high quality glass beads enclosed in microfiber bags to protec them from spills. Two types of poly fill, regular for the majority of the body and super soft for the tummy and bottom! Silicone additions to her tummy and bottom give a high end feel to this sweetest little one. All together, this baby is one of the most huggable, snuggly babies I’ve made in my career.. And at 4lbs 8.1oz she or he is just perfect for you to love. Blake has sparsely rooted hair and eyelashes. He or she is lovabe, snugglable and ready to go home

Bountiful Baby Real Born Blake is the first BB sculpt that can take a FULL SIZE pacifier (included). THis is a second kit, so no COA is included, but proof of purchase from BB is available upon request. I ALWAYS USE LEGITIMATE KITS PURCHASED FROM AUTHORIZED DEALERS OR THE SCULPTER THEMSELVES. Eli has a magnet in her head to attach a magnetic hair accessory.

Eli will go home with a caresheet, Birth Certificate, hospital bracelet and dressed in his birthing center onesie and hospital bracelet,. Eli will also go home with 2 outfits of my choice, a hat, a pacifier and pacifier strap, a magnetic hair accessory (if a girl) and wrapped in a nice, warm blankie. I will also include a small box opening.

The props shown in Eli’s pictures are NOT INCLUDED. However, if you really are interested in one of the props, please contact me for a price list. Also available for a limited time is a Knotty Raven Creations crocheted blanket for an additional fee.