Cupid was adopted this weekby Roberta Davis from Ebay! While I am sad and will miss his judgy little face, I am THRILLED he’s going to be loved and cared for.

Cupid, the God of love and affection, the babe who shoots golden arrows into couples to bring them together. The son of Venus and Mars…. The Greek version os the Goddess Eros, daughter of Aries and Aphrodite.

This is Cupid, (s)he was born on Feb 14, 2022 VALENTINES DAY at 5:22p.m. His/Her ginger hair is rooted as are teh very sparse ginger eyelashes, and (s)he’s painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints and Pan Pastel Powders, his prisma pencil eyebrows give the depth to his perfect little face. This is the Bountiful Baby Steven Awake kit reborned by myself, Marta of Wolfsong Nursery. (S)He is just teeming with high end extras that make his little body feel SO realistic.

(S)He has a magnet behind his mouth and another inside the top of his head (for magnetic hari accessories) Each of his limbs and head as rings to aid in posing and he comes with a belly plate that give his precious little tummy the most adorable pudge. INside his clothe body is a silicone pad in his tummy, and one in each of his butt cheeks, these really make his bottom and tummy feel real….and around them, holding them in place and filling them out is super soft polyfill. He is weighted with high quality Glass beads encased in microfiber bags to prevent spillage (head and neck) and in the limbs packed in by polyfilly and sealed with a round felt pad. His beautiful eyes seem to see into your soul; he’s one of those “old souls’ that sometimes come as a baby and just seem to know how the world works.

Baby is GENDER NEUTRAL, so new mommy gets to choose the gender!

Cupid will go home in his Hospital outfit (side snap shirt, hat and hospital bracelet), with 2 outfits of my choice, a pacifier, pacifier strap, hat or magnetic hair accessory, Lovey and blanket. Also included is a small box opening.